While most people know they need to exercise, most do not do so because it is not something they enjoy or it is an activity that they make time to do. Other people see exercise as a burden and something that is not effective unless you are sweating, worn out, and about to drop. However, there are three easier ways to implement exercise into your daily life.

1. If you live in a condo or high rise, use the stairs. This is a great exercise. This one exercise alone can help you burn a significant amount of calories and tone the body. Just be careful walking up and down the stairs.

2. Go to Amazon or some other retailer and get some enjoyable work-out equipment. Get something that you would enjoy. This doesn’t have to be difficult or not fun. For example, if you like walking, get some earpods, or something like that, so you can enjoy your favorite music or program as your walking. This is just a way for you to exercise.

3. When you go to the grocery store or department store, deliberately choose a parking space that is further from the door since this will mean extra walking and extra walking burns calories. It eliminates fighting over the closest parking space since you will always find a parking space that is further away from the building!

Many people believe that you have to exercise hard to get benefits. Thinks like sweating profusely, long duration’s of work out, etc. This is really not the case. You can incorporate little things here and there that will have great benefits. The important thing to keep in mind is to move, move, move, move. If you have problems walking or running, move your arms and legs. Any movement is great. Movement is the key.

So, rethink exercise. Just get out there and start moving. Any type of exercise & movement is a good thing. We wish you all the best in this journey!

Let’s talk about three ways to incorporate exercise into your regimen
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