Running and jogging on the treadmill, which would be better? This question constantly arises between those who desire to enter the cardio-active activity system or the fitness buffs. Both have their sets of pros and cons. Jogging is believed to be a little harder than running on a conventional treadmill because it doesn’t offer a consistent running surface or condition like a conventional treadmill. If you know how to run a marathon then jogging will be a breeze and won’t be that challenging at all.

But in spite of this there are numerous other benefits of jogging over treadmills. For one, it’s a great cardiovascular exercise. This is why walking and running on treadmills are often advised by fitness trainers as an alternative to more strenuous forms of exercise. There are various theories which are emerging regarding the benefits of walking or running on these fitness equipment; however, the bottom line is that both of them are great low impact aerobic exercises that are perfect for those who are recovering from an injury or simply want to keep their health up.

Aside from these health benefits, both walking and running on the treadmill will provide the participants with several positive mental boosts. Since both of them provide an excellent workout in a short period of time, participants find it easier to stay motivated and focused. In addition to being great cardiovascular exercises, walking or running on the treadmill will also burn off extra calories. This will result in additional weight loss. Just don’t forget to eat right when you’re exercising so you can lose even more weight and get more health benefits.

Another reason why both jogging and walking on treadmills are preferred over running on streets is because they promote better lung capacity and increased endurance. The reason for this is that both types of fitness exercises are demanding, and the individuals exercising will be using more muscles while they do it. This results in a much more effective workout. They also result in a decreased risk of injuries such as stress fractures, shin splints, or even a fractured ankle.

For the older adults, walking or running on the treadmill is an ideal form of exercise since it is a low impact workout. Because it is low impact, it is also considered by many as a safer workout for senior citizens. It provides the seniors with an intense cardiovascular workout while burning extra calories. This in turn, helps to improve their overall health. Walking or running on the treadmill not only provides the older adults with an effective workout, it also provides them with the additional benefits of improving bone density, improving circulation, and increasing lung capacity.

These are just three of the many extra considerations that should be kept in mind when trying to decide between walking or running on the treadmill or outside. These extra considerations should become very apparent when you start to workout with a heavier person or increase the distance of your workout. Remember, always consult with your physician before beginning an outdoor exercise program. As always be safe and consult your doctor.

Additional Considerations Between Walking and Running on the Treadmill Vs Outside