So Who Needs To Cleanse?

Let’s review a few questions and see if you’re a good candidate for a cleanse.

  1. Do you experience fatigue or low energy levels?
  2. Do you experience brain fog, lack of concentration and /or poor memory?
  3. Do you eat fast food, fatty foods, pre-prepared foods or fried foods?
  4. Do you drink coffee and sodas during the day to “get you going? “
  5. Do you smoke cigarettes?
  6. Do you crave or eat sugary snacks and candy or desserts?
  7. Do you have less than 2 bowel movements per day?
  8. Do you feel sleepy after meals, bloated and / or gassy?
  9. Do you experience indigestion after eating?
  10. Are you overweight, or do you rarely exercise?
  11. Do you experience recurring yeast infections?
  12. Do you have arthritic aches and pains or stiffness?
  13. Do you take any prescription medication, sedatives or stimulants?
  14. Do you experience frequent headaches?
  15. Do you live with or near polluted air, water and /or other environmental pollution?
  16. Do you have bad breath or excessive body odor?
  17. Do you experience depression or mood swings? (mental highs and lows)
  18. Do you have food allergies or bad skin?
  19. Are you showing signs of premature aging?
  20. Have you ever used an internal cleansing product and followed a complete internal clea program?

If you answer “yes” to 3 or more of the above -listed question or answer “no” to question 20, you are a good candidate for an internal cleansing program and would benefit greatly.


Poor Digestion = Toxic Build-up

Toxic Build-up = Dis-Ease!

How we become Toxic

Now that we all know the basics of what internal cleansing is, and how important it is to cleanse for overall health, I want to list for you, the 8 most common causes of toxic build-up in the human body.

This information, once you apply it, can be a huge help in keeping you on a healthy path in life.

Learn these basics and apply them to your every day life by making the right choices…

  1. Constipation- the colon is your body’s sewage system. If the sewage system backs up, toxins become trapped in your colon. Chronic constipation means these toxins are fermenting and decaying in the colon. Re-absorbing into the bloodstream, polluting our tissues and cells
  2. Poor Diet- poor diet includes dead, cooked, devitalized, clogging, low fiber foods, fried foods, junk foods, over-processed foods etc. As a modern society, we have drifted further and further away from eating raw, organic good for you fruits, vegetables and whole grains high in natural fiber, nutrients and enzymes.
  3. Over-Consumption- overeating puts a tremendous amount of stress on our digestion system. Most people eat too much food, too fast. Foods are not properly broken down and lodge in the lower intestines. Vital nutrients are NOT absorbed.
  4. Lack of Water- water makes up 65% to 75% of the human body. It is second only to oxygen in order of importance to sustain life. Water cleanses the inside of the body as well as the outside..
  5. Stress- stress effects every cell and tissue in the human body. Stress breaks down the immune system as well as all of the major organs. Stress is TOXIC to our bodies.
  6. Antibiotics- antibiotics, despite their benefits in fighting certain bacterial infections, have a damaging effect on the intestines. Their prescribed purpose is to eliminate unhealthy bacteria in the body; bacteria that causes illness.
  7. Lack of Exercise- exercise strengthens our entire bodies. It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, building muscles, nerves, blood, glands, lungs, heart, brain, mind and mood.
  8. Eating Late at Night- the human body uses sleep to repair, rebuild and restore itself. In essence, our bodies use the sleeping hours to cleanse and detoxify, and to build strength and immunity.


21 Day Cleanse

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Food Steamers

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Hot Saunas

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Can You Exercise On A Liquid Cleanse?

One question that people ask a lot is whether or not you can exercise while doing a liquid cleanse. Since I became more health conscious back in 2001 I’ve done many cleanses. I would have to say the average is 1-2 per year. Some people like to do more than this and to be honest I probably should do a cleanse every three to six months. Anyway, one thing I have learned is that when you do a liquid cleanse your body is “cleansing”, toxins are getting moved out into your blood and much of the time you feel tired or sluggish. By the way, this is good.

Now regarding exercise I would keep it toned down a bit. Dialback your exercise routine a few notches and take it easy. This is just my opinion and what I would recommend based on all the cleanses that I’ve done. I’m an avid jogger and I found that I was not able to jog the same distances and times is when I was not on the cleanse. I would get tired faster. My body would feel worn down. Naturally this was because I was going through a cleanse and this is exactly what’s supposed to be happening. Your drinking lots of liquids, you’re not eating your regular diet, your routine has changed for a period of days, whether it’s three days, seven days, 10 days, 20 days, etc. What I did was jog for as long as I could then I would dialback my exercise a bit and just walk at a fast pace. As long as I was getting my heart rate up and breaking a sweat I knew I was getting a good enough workout in.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “to each, his own”. This is really true here. Everyone will be different. Some people will not want to exercise while on the cleanse and will want to give their body some time to heal during this process. This is good. There’s nothing wrong with that. Other people (and I put myself in this category) get into a habit of exercise. It becomes part of you, your lifestyle, something you do every day. It’s almost impossible not to do it. So for us, just take it easy and work out a little bit slower. This way we can say we got the workout in (and not feel guilty) and we also didn’t put too much strain on ourselves as we are going through this cleansing process.

I would also recommend one other thing. One thing I have learned as I do these liquid cleanses is that usually I feel good in the morning, then in the afternoon I feel alittle bit more worn down and tired. If you need to work out, my recommendation would be to do it in the morning. Drink your first set of liquids for the cleanse then get your exercise in. Then when you get through with your exercise you can drink more of your juices and liquids that you’re taking on the cleanse. I’m not getting specific here with regards to the types of liquids or juices because everyone is different about what they take. I’ll talk more about this in upcoming articles.

The other thing I would recommend would be to schedule your cleanses. Similar to changing the oil in your car (which many people do every 3000 miles) you need to take a break, and, for lack of a better term or phrase, change the oil in your body. As I stated earlier in the article my recommendation would be to do a cleanse every three to six months. This would be optimal. So look at the calendar and find the time that is optimal for doing this. Your body will thank you!

So in closing, my opinion is that exercise is okay while you’re doing a cleanse but, dialback the exercise and do it a little bit slower. Focus more on doing really well on the cleanse and not so much on getting high intensity workouts in during this time. Once you’re done with the cleanse you can work your way back into your regular routine. By the way, I’m not sure you’ll be able to do it the very next day (after your cleanse) you may need to take a few days and get back into the swing of things. Cleansing is definitely a great process and my opinion is that everyone needs to do it.