Moringa leaf has been used for medicinal purposes in India for centuries. It is considered as a favorite herbal treatment by many Indians. The leaves can be chewed, powdered and made into a tea. It is believed to help in improving memory, improving mental clarity and intellect, promoting weight loss, calming the nervous system and nourishing the liver and heart.

Moringa has been found to be very effective in lowering blood sugar levels. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels and thus, helps in preventing cardio vascular diseases. Moringa has been found to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps in the reduction of blood pressure, helps in wound healing and is good for those who have a low level of iron in their body.

Moringa leaf is an outstanding antioxidant which is very useful in fighting against free radicals. These are chemical substances that can attack our health and cause a number of ailments. A study done on Moringa leaf in the renowned University of Wisconsin found out that it contains flavonoids which can destroy almost 70% of the beta-carotene present in vegetables. These antioxidants can help in the prevention of coronary artery disease and other cancers. They also prevent damage to the arteries caused due to high cholesterol and prevent clots from forming in the blood vessels.

Moringa leaf extracts found its use in Chinese medicines where it is used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and arthritis. Moringa leaf extract is also useful in treating diarrhea, ulcers, constipation and skin disorders. It also helps in strengthening the bones and tissues. Ingestion of this leaves can also improve immunity and fight cancer.

Moringa leaf powder can be used to help reduce cholesterol and helps in increasing the efficiency of insulin which is useful in reducing sugar levels in the blood. It can also help in reducing inflammation in the body. Moringa tea is good for treating allergies and preventing asthma. It also helps in reducing fever and relieving stress. Moringa leaf tea is an excellent natural treatment for eczema, rheumatism, hay fever, and varicose veins.

Moringa can be used as an energy booster, an analgesic, an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent. The anti-oxidant property of moringa leaf helps in protecting the cells against harmful toxins. It can also help in treating dental plaque and improving digestion. It also helps in lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.

Moringa Leaf – An Effective Health Supplement