Choose juicing celery to aid body detoxification. Celery is usually at the bottom of the vegetable food pyramid but is often omitted from meal plans because it seems “old school.” It does have certain health benefits as well.

Today, juicing is very popular and many people enjoy making their own juice at home and consuming it in place of coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages. There are many people who love to drink a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable juice in the morning on an empty stomach. If you’re like most people, however, your morning glass usually ends up being filled with a viscous green sludge that doesn’t taste very good and can be a nuisance to brush off. But you don’t have to drink vegetable juice in its raw state, juicing celery and other vegetables has its advantages and here are some of them:

Raw vegetable juice will give you the vitamins and nutrients that are not found in juice that has been processed with milk, juice mixes or other additives. The difference between juicing celery and straight celery juice is like night and day. One pulls your health back, the other helps you keep it in great condition. And I’ll tell you why…

When juicing celery, you are giving your body a large amount of water, which helps flush out all of that internal waste that we do not need to live in our bodies. Most people believe that drinking vegetable juice is going to send more bad cholesterol into their blood stream, but that is just not the case. Drinking vegetable juice will actually help you lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol and raise your HDL (good) cholesterol. If you are currently struggling with high blood pressure or heart disease, it is very important that you add juicing celery to your daily routine. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cleanse your system of harmful substances.

When you eat pure celery juice, it gets digested very quickly, which means that the nutrients are not released from the food into your bloodstream. This makes your body less prone to feeling hungry and craving unhealthy foods. If you are eating a lot of fast food and junk food during the day, drinking pure celery juice each day will help you curb your appetite and avoid over-eating. Most people who are dieting find that they go back to their old bad habits when they return to eating regularly. Juicing celery in its raw form will prevent this from happening, and can help you stick to your weight loss plan.

Juicing is an easy way to clear your digestive system of harmful toxins that cause illnesses. My mother was a big proponent of juicing celery and vegetable juice as well as drinking pure vegetable water every day. I learned a lot from her and started juicing myself at home after we moved to another state. Now, whenever I feel stressed out I just reach for a glass of juice. I feel more energized and positive in general and enjoy life more than ever before.

Juicing Celery Will Give You a Healthier Body Fast
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