4/30/2015 Update

As of close of business, Thursday, April 30th, 2015, the MLM company InnerLight Inc. has closed their operation and SuperGreens is no longer available through them.

I’ve been using SuperGreens and have been a rep at InnerLight Inc since 2001 so this is sad news for me.

So what do I recommend you do?

The most logical thing to do is to check out the new product I’m recommending called Alka Sana Power Greens.

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If you liked the InnerLight SuperGreens and you want to stay with a product very similar to that, get the Power Greens. Our formula contains grasses, leaves, vegetables, sprouts and herbs.

So, InnerLight SuperGreens is no longer being sold by the MLM company InnerLight Inc BUT I’ve listed a great alternative.

Let me know if questions. All the best! Ken

InnerLight Inc Closes Business – InnerLight SuperGreens No Longer Available Through InnerLight Inc