Jogging is a popular form of exercise among the fitness buffs. But for those wanting to enter into the more active fitness routine, running on a treadmill is an excellent option. And for those who are new to the habit, the following discussion will be helpful in deciding which would be the better exercise option. For running, aside from purchasing good running shoes, one doesn’t necessarily have to spend much money.

The running surface known as pavement tends to be flat and therefore, it’s an effective form of aerobic exercise is through steady and continuous running. There are different reasons why the running surface is flat. The flat surface allows the runner to become accustomed to the uniform and gentle pace of the running. Also, it’s easier to run on flat surfaces since there is less risk of one’s foot injury when landing on the hard surface.

Another reason for the flat treadmill surface is the durability of the treadmill. When it comes to running, the running surface is not usually padded or covered. Hence, it is important to run on solid ground. However, on treadmills, the entire unit including the running belt is padded to provide cushioning and safety to the runner. This is the reason why more people prefer to exercise on treadmills instead of the indoor running paths.

One can burn approximately thousand calories in just walking for fifteen minutes on a flat surface. A runner who has an average weight of 120 pounds can burn up to two thousand calories in walking one mile. If running on the treadmill is combined with walking on the same foot for three minutes per session, then the total time for aerobic exercise will be much longer. Walking two miles on a flat treadmill may take up to an hour.

Another reason for the popularity of the treadmill is that one can do various levels of incline as a way of increasing the intensity of the workout. Running outdoors on a flat surface can be very tiring for the first several days of running. As the body acclimates to the increased incline, the body can more efficiently use oxygen and energy. The increase in fitness level also burns calories faster than running outside.

When it comes to losing weight, one of the best health benefits gained from running on a treadmill is weight loss. Since the incline helps to improve cardiovascular condition, the heart must pump more blood throughout the body. As the body uses more of its energy to maintain an upright posture while running, the extra energy that was not used before is now being used to burn calories. In addition, the increase in muscle strength due to the continuous stretching will help in preventing loss of bone density.

Health Benefits Of Running On Treadmills
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