Terra Life Power Greens is an amazing and great-tasting superfood drink. Our unique formula combines 45+ organic and high quality wildcrafted vegetables, grasses, leaves, sprouts and herbs. These essential nutritional elements improve the body’s general health and well-being. This is a “power packed” green drink powder. The Terra Power Greens Blend supports digestion, delivers a boost of antioxidants, aids in detoxification, helps with free radical damage, enhances the immune system and boosts energy levels.

This formula is a high concentration of chlorophyll to help bring your body back into balance. The greens power has a mild taste and it goes to work quickly bringing you back into balance.

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For the health fanatics, you have probably heard of the term “green drink” and are aware of the benefits. For those who are not in the know, a green drink is a drink that uses vegetables and other green plants that work to make up the lack of nutritional values that are in our diets and help to alkalize the body.

Terra Power Greens is the greens powder I recommend now. If you are interested in sampling any of our products, Click Here.

I’ve listed below some other greens powders I have recommended over the years below. All of these green drink powders are “high-end” supplements.

InnerLight SuperGreens Blend of grasses, leaves, vegetables, sprouts & herbs are available in 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb & 1 lb sizes. InnerLight SuperGreens is a powerful blend of 49 organic grasses, leaves, vegetables, sprout & herbs which alkalize, energize & nourish cells as they balance the body’s pH level. SuperGreens will allow your body to easily digest over 125 minerals, amino acids and vitamins. With this formula being highly rich in nutrients it will alkaline the body by pulling tissue and blood balances, therefore maintaining an increasing strong alkaline function.

Green Vitality Powder – Easily assimilated organic ingredients Alkalize, Energize, and Nourish your Cells as they balance your body’s pH level

Green Vitality is Power Packed with Over 100+ Nutritional Complexes and is the perfect way to feed your body the precious alkalizing nutrients it needs and craves. This greens powder Contains over 100 natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The greens are Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Vegen. All vegetation are dried at a low temperature and never exposed to high heat. This product is Super Concentrated – The benefits of 12+ servings of raw vegetable in one small scoop!

Buy pH Miracle GreenspH Miracle Greens is a high-quality green drink powder . These 40+ grasses, vegetables, leaves, herbs & sprouts support a healthy Alkalarian lifestyle and provide your body with the healthy nutrients it needs to combat aging, help with weight loss or weight gain, and provide long lasting energy. This formula is close to the InnerLight SuperGreens formula.

Buy Doc Broc's Power Plants

Doc Broc’s Power Plants is a fourth generation greens drink powder mix—green supplement—to support a healthy lifestyle and provide your body with the healthy nutrients it needs to combat aging, lose weight, and provide long-lasting energy. Used in this formula grasses, vegetables and some low-sugar fruits like lemon, lime, cucumber, tomato & avocado. This green drink mix is created by low-heat dehydration thus preserving, not killing, the nutrients of the living food. We are then able to make a powerfully concentrated mix of vegetables, fruits, and grasses to give you the best product available.

Here are the greens I’m recommending now.

Terra Power Greens is a powerful blend of 46 organic grasses, leaves, vegetables, sprout & herbs which alkalize, energize and nourish cells as they balance the body’s pH level. Terra Power Green’s natural plant ingredients help neutralize acid and pull the blood and tissue balance back to its ideal, more alkaline state. Just drinking Power Greens alone can have a significant impact on your health and I have found that, for many people, this is what they like to do.

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Greens Powers I have Recommended Over the Years