Get Samples Of Terra Power Greens

I offer samples of Terra Power Greens. If you’re interested in trying the Power Greens, check out this sample program:

* 5 Servings of Terra Power Greens – $6.00

Currently this is for people in the USA** and the samples are of the Terra Power Greens powder or capsules. You need to select which one you want.

From these 5 servings you will be able to make 5 quarts/liters of the green drink and give the Power Greens a quick “taste test”. Keep in mind that the full health benefits of using Terra power Greens come with extended use of the product.

This sample program is great for individual use or if you want to share the message of health with your family & friends. Surprise them with a sample pack.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe the Terra Power Greens are the best tasting Green Drink available and I believe in this message of health. I also want you as a customer!

** I looked at including other countries in this sample program but it’s just too difficult and the risk is too high for a package not to arrive safely. If you want to try the Power Greens my suggestion would be to buy the 1/2 lb (227 gram) size (this is the small size). It’s reasonably priced and will be enough for you to try the Greens out.

For more information, go here. Any questions, just ask.