SuperGreens Reviews

These are just a few of the testimonials captured over the years……

Naturally the first review is going to come from me, Ken Lyons.

I’ve been taking SuperGreens since 2001. I heard about SuperGreens from Anthony Robbins (motivational speaker) on one of his PowerTalk interviews. This particular interview was with Dr. Robert O. Young. I can honestly say that this interview changed my life from a health perspective. Tony and Dr. Young talked about health, the importance of water, the alkaline diet and nutritional supplements that can help with your journey. InnerLight SuperGreens was highlighted in the interview.

Over the years I’ve tried other greens products but no other product comes close to InnerLight SuperGreens. I truly believe InnerLight SuperGreens is the best green drink on the market. It tastes great (it’s actually neutral tasting), is very concentrated and you can feel the burst of energy as soon as you take it. Using SuperGreens is part of my daily routine now.

If you want to give it a try make sure you also get the Champions of Health CD so you can listen to a scaled-down version of the interview between Anthony Robbins and Dr. Robert O Young. This is the same interview I listened to. If you can find the longer version of the interview I highly recommend it.

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“I am 50 years old and have ranged from a size 12 to 14 for the last 10 years and have not been able to lose any weight no matter what I do, until I found the SuperGreens and Prime pH. Within two and a half months after being on them, without changing my diet at all, I am now down to a size 7. It has been years since I have been in that size. I feel so much better, and so much healthier from these products.”

Bonnie B

I’m drinking 4-6 liters of water everyday, 3-4 of which includes 1/2 tsp of Supergreens and 15 drops of prime pH. I’m also eating almost all live, raw foods such as sprouts and salads so I know that helps too.

It’s an incredible cleanse. I have done juice fasts before, where you drink nothing but green juices for a week. I’m amazed to say that this tiny amount of Supergreens and prime pH each day feels MORE cleansing that juice fasting.

Some of the symptoms you mentioned are real, such as tiredness and some flu-like symptoms. Also feeling spacey. I’ve needed to be careful with the amounts of product I take depending on how busy my day is.

But I’ve also noticed a wonderful feeling of “lightness,” no bloated feeling after eating; I sleep MUCH better, and need less sleep, never get a headache, no muscle aches, etc. I also lost 10 pounds! I know that this way of eating is the way for me. A few difficult symptoms along the way is a very small price to pay for radiant health later!

Dave R


Hi Ken,
This is probably the busiest time of my year, though all year is on the fast track. I just wanted to give you another endorsement. I’ve been drinking supergreens and taking a few supplements, but SG faithfully since March. Of course I’ve lost weight, but, and this is a big one—I seem to be immune (or can resist a lot of the nasty stuff that comes through my classroom). My husband and I went out with friends two weeks ago. Within two days all three of them had horrible sore throats, coughs, headaches that rocked their world all of which lasted about a week. I didn’t get a thing. I also sailed through the hassle and stress of Open House without melting!!!!!!!!!!! Innerlight and SG RULE!.
Diane C.


I know that this is not a weight loss program, but I lost 30 lbs the first month and my daughter lost 50. I also have lots of friends that are losing weight with SuperGreens that have been dieting for years with no success. When your body gets into balance with SuperGreens and Prime PH the fat cells simply disappear. Dr. Young is right!!

Celia B


Supergreens and your other outstanding products helped me get rid of my excess weight (17 lbs), gave me better skin, more energy and gone are these other symptomologies:
1.. Sinus problems: I use to wake up with a bloody nose and could hardly breath, no more. 2.. IBS: now I am a regular and it makes life a lot easier, no more bloating. 3.. Menopause: the heat and sweats are gone. 4.. Low blood sugar: no more near passing out spells. 5.. Poor sleep: sleep through the night and wake up ready to go.

Because of your life changing products and information on the Alkalarian life style no one believes that I have a 28-year-old son or that I am a grandmother. At 47 that is like hearing heaven.

Deborah S


Innerlight products have helped awaken my potential and increase my vitality for life! About two months ago, … began using SuperGreens and Prime ph. I also increased my daily water intake. I now drink from two to four liters of water with the SuperGreens each day. The results of these simple changes have been beyond my expectations. I’ve experienced a huge mental and physical shift.

My thoughts and mental processes are clearer. I feel as though a cloud that I didn’t even know was hanging over my mind has lifted. I feel more balanced and more focused than I have in a long time. My body has benefited the most from my use of the Innerlight products. My skin and eyes are bright and clear. I don’t crave sweets or breads. I don’t use unhealthy foods to nurture myself anymore. I have more energy and a greater awareness of the impact my eating habits have on my overall health. I’m truly inspired to make healthier choices so that I can live the life that God intended for me!

Rochelle F


These are just some of the many testimonials collected over the years. There are many more.

Become a pH Miracle yourself. Start drinking more water and make sure you include SuperGreens.