InnerLight SuperGreens

InnerLight SuperGreensInnerLight SuperGreens, created by Dr. Robert O. Young, are an exclusive, synergistic blend of 49 organic grasses, grains, and green vegetables. This nutrient-rich, alkaline formula helps to gently pull the blood and tissue balance from an acid base to an increasingly healthy alkaline state.

SuperGreens will allow your body to easily digest over 125 minerals, amino acids and vitamins. With this formula being highly rich in nutrients it will alkaline the body by pulling tissue and blood balances, therefore maintaining an increasing strong alkaline function. InnerLight SuperGreens Can Help Balance Your pH And Help You Achieve Optimal Health.

SuperGreens are also super concentrated in a 20 to 1 ratio to immediately go to work eliminating acid wastes from the body.

It is ideal to have one-gallon/4 liters, or more, of water each day. In one liter (quart) just add one level teaspoon of SuperGreens powder and 10-15 drops of LL Prime pH and you have a nutrient-dense, alkalizing and energizing drink!

InnerLight’s balanced SuperGreens formulation includes organic, concentrated ingredients, many of them sprouted when the plant is at its nutritional peak. Each ingredient in the formula is concentrated at its cleanest and purest state, and SuperGreens contains no sweeteners of any kind.

SuperGreens has a deep, rich, natural flavor that may take some getting used to for some. Our taste buds have become used to highly processed, artificially flavored and highly sweetened foods.

InnerLight’s SuperGreens powder is what your body has been asking for, and quickly, your taste buds will naturally begin to recognize this quality food. In fact, as you drink the SuperGreens, and your body becomes increasingly cleansed, your taste buds will begin to crave the naturally sweet taste of the SuperGreens formula.

SuperGreens capsules are perfect for those “on the go,” who want to take a convenient source of green foods with them wherever they go.

By incorporating SuperGreens, Prime pH, a little exercise and a move towards a more alkaline diet into your lifestyle, you have all the resources to improve your health.

My Suggestions:

Here are some suggestions for what to order if you are new on the program:

Most people that are new on the program start with what’s called the Starter Bundle. The starter bundle includes everything that you need to get started, the SuperGreens and Prime pH, plus a water bottle. There are also a couple of other items included, the Optimal Health Booklet and the Champions of Health CD. The Champions Of Health CD is a great interview between Anthony Robbins (motivational speaker) and Dr. Robert O. Young. The interview does a great job of explaining our products and the science behind them. It also talks about the alkaline diet.

If you only want the SuperGreens, I would get the 110 g SuperGreens powder. This is the small size. You might also want to get a water bottle and the champions of health CD.

If you only want the capsules, get the SuperGreens 180 caps.

For The Experienced User:

If you’re an experienced user of SuperGreens & Prime pH I would recommend getting the economy bundle. The economy bundle includes:Prime pH 4oz (large size), SuperGreens 420 g (large size) and 32 oz waterbottle.

If you only want the SuperGreens I would recommend getting the 420 g (the large size) or the 180 g (the medium size) SuperGreens Powder.

For those that only want to capsules we have the SuperGreens 180 caps.