InnerLight Inc Closes Business – InnerLight SuperGreens No Longer Available Through InnerLight Inc

7/1/16 UPDATE – GREAT NEWS….InnerLight SuperGreens will be available again on August 1, 2016

Update on SuperGreens formula and when it might be available again. (Note: A more current update can be found here)


I met with Dr Young face to face in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, November 7, 2015. One of the topics we discussed was his SuperGreens formula that was created in the @1995 timeframe.

As many of you know this product was produced and sold by InnerLight Inc from @ 2000 to April, 2015. The company went out of business on April 30th, 2015. Currently InnerLight SuperGreens is not being produced and is not available.

Now, when will the SuperGreens formula be available again? Dr Young told me his intent is to bring the original SuperGreens formula back again in @1Q 2016. Why so long? It’s just not possible at this time. There are many reasons for this and if you want more details you can call me at 1-954-459-1134.

So, until then, we wait. The good thing is that we have Dr Young’s other green drink powder formula’s pH Miracle Greens & Doc Broc Power Plants which are high quality green drink powders (as well as the rest of his product line).

Dr Young also told me he’ll bring a few other products back like MycoDetox I & II, Caprilenic and a few others.

If things change I’ll let everyone know. Please feel free to call me if you have questions at 1-954-459-1134


As of close of business, Thursday, April 30th, 2015, InnerLight Inc. has closed their operation and SuperGreens is no longer being sold.

I’ve been using SuperGreens since 2000 so this is sad news for me.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that InnerLight SuperGreens was created by Dr. Robert O Young and he has some NEW & IMPROVED versions of InnerLight SuperGreens available.

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So what do I recommend you do?

The most logical thing to do is to check out Dr Young’s products pH Miracle Greens and Doc Broc Power Plants. Dr Young created InnerLight SuperGreens back in @1995 so, if you loved SuperGreens, try the pH Miracle Greens.

If you liked the InnerLight SuperGreens and you want to stay with a product very similar to that, get the pH Miracle Greens. This is the 2nd generation of InnerLight SuperGreens and an improvement over the original formula. Similar to InnerLight SuperGreens this formula contains grasses, leaves, vegetables, sprouts and herbs.

If you want to try the most current, and 4th generation of InnerLight SuperGreens, try the Doc Broc Power Plants. In this formulation Dr Young has added some low sugar fruits to the mix.

Some people are adamant about not having fruits in their green drink powder so if that is the case, get the pH Miracle Greens. In fact, this is the choice I’m making.

So, InnerLight SuperGreens is no longer available BUT I’ve listed two great alternatives.

I’ve also included a list here of some additional InnerLight products and what product I recommend you move to:

SuperGreens ==> pH Miracle Greens or Doc Broc Power Plants
Prime pH ==> pH Miracle PuripHy
BioLight => pH Miracle Cell Power

I’m now a dealer for all of Dr Young’s pH Miracle products. You can find my site at

Let me know if questions. All the best! Ken