SuperSoy Sprouts & The pH Miracle for Diabetes

If you read the pH Miracle For Diabetes book you know that Dr. Young recommends super soy sprouts as part of the program. He mentions one source to buy the product as InnerLight Inc.

InnerLight Inc no longer carries the super soy sprouts.

If you’re looking for a plant based source of protein I have two places you can look:
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Recommended Books To Read

Find excellent information on the alkaline diet and the importance of water. If you’re interested learning more about the alkaline diet and the science behind it I’ve listed some great books in this section of the site. I’ve also included some other relevant books that are a good read. The links will take you to Amazon where you can read reviews and purchase if you like.
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Exercise Products

Exercise is something everyone should be doing. We’ve listed in this section some exercise equipment and products that will help you get started and on the right track. Switching to more of an alkaline diet along with exercise will take your health to new levels. Best of luck on the journey.
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Does Your Business Need Help With Online Marketing? I can help

I’m definitely a health conscious nut drinking my SuperGreens and jogging 3-6 miles every day, cleansing 1-2x per year, eating healthy and more. I’m also good at online marketing. Been doing it since 2000. I worked at IBM for 21 years prior to starting my own company so technology and computers are in my blood […]
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Dr. Robert O. Young: He’s Working to Make you Healthy

Dr. Robert O. Young has a passion for helping people get healthier and for his work on creating supplements to help make this process easier. He has had a hand in helping countless people change their lives for the better. He has published many books on the subject of pH and its effect on the body.
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